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      Looking for Style as Well as Quality in Your Braided Cable Sleeve?

      We have you covered. Our unique mix of aesthetic and efficiency means that you're paying for something that will last for years and be classy the whole time. Every braided cable sleeve you purchase from us is handcrafted using the renowned MDPC-X brand techniques to bring you a truly elite product. No other company in Australia or New Zealand is licensed to distribute MDPC-X products; we're trusted as the sol e sellers because we provide top-notch customer service and keep up a spotless reputation in doing so.

      Skippy's Custom PCs (leading PC cable sleeves supplier), also offers all its customers the unique 2+5 warranty, which has yet to be surpassed in the industry. Whatever product you buy from us, you're covered in some way for the next 7 years: our warranty applies to any parts and components for the first 2, and workmanship for the next 5. We'll let you in on a secret, though we don't expect you'll need the warranty very much! We're just that good. So, when you finish ordering whichever cable sleeve you prefer and more, we hope you feel confident in having made a very savvy purchase. Read More

      Benefits of a Braided Cable Sleeve

      Braided cable sleeving, or sheathing, is extremely common when putting together a custom PC. You'll usually find a few different materials and sizes depending on what cable you're working with, whether you need rigidity or flexibility, and how long the cable itself is. Some sleeving is made of mesh, but we use top-quality braid instead. This has several benefits:

      • A braided sleeve is firm but highly flexible; in other words, you'll have no trouble keeping your cables out of the way and aligned as preferred while still avoiding any ugly and damaging bends in the outer layer.
      • Your cables will be safe from any little intruders, such as mice, that often chew on things we would rather remain unchewed.
      • Our massive range of colours allows you to highly customize your setup with various sleeves, giving you a unique look that really makes your PC yours.
      • If you hate tangles (don't we all?), a sleeve is your friend; the added thickness and firmness always keeps cables out of their own way.

      Lightshow or Quiet Elegance, as Preferred

      What sort of setup style are you looking for? A lot of self-expression and creativity goes into a custom PC every time; it's about looking as good as its parts! Maybe you want the vibrant, in-your-face neon feel of a late-night street racer's ride. Maybe you prefer the royal blues and deep reds that are all over pro gaming. You might have a more straightforward taste, and all you're looking for is a long-lasting black, grey, white, or white-gold colour scheme. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it under “Available Colours,” guaranteed!

      If you want a cable sheath that will remain black for as long as you have it, you'll love Blackest Black; if you want a unique regal colour scheme that's classy without being tacky, our Vanilla Sands and White Gold versions will be perfect. If you're looking at our neon, shades, you're in for a real treat: these colours are treated to be fluorescent and really pop in natural daylight, but that's not even the best part. When under a blacklight, these cables emit a brilliant glow like no other brand in the industry, perfect for matching a brightly lit gaming keyboard. You'll be dazzled every time you start up your PC.

      Need a Reliable Braided Cable Sleeve? Start Shopping Now

      To explore our range of products, simply click on “Shop.” For any enquiries, we happily take calls and emails at 0414648476 or

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