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Expertly Crafted Custom ITX PC Cases for Discerning Users

Our PC cases, like everything else we sell at Skippy's Custom PCs, are durably made and finished with the sort of visible quality our tech-savvy customers expect. We know you like to take your devices into your own hands; you want a computer that's fast, long-lived, and stylish, and we sell accessories and parts that go above and beyond in all these fields. If you're looking for a custom ITX PC case, you've found the most reliable vendor in Australia and New Zealand.

At Skippy's (leading PC cable sleeves supplier), we are the only sellers of MDPC-X products for a reason; we're trusted because we don't deal in cheap, mass-produced low-quality items that need replacing after only a couple of months. We also respect your creativity. You won't find a more customisable stock or a PC parts business more willing to be there for you. We know we're selling quality products, so we're happy to deliver them in almost any style you request. We know our products work, so we're happy to give them the best warranty in the industry and even come to you to install them ourselves. And we know you'll be happy with your purchases because that's just what we do here. Read More

Pros and Cons of Mini-ITX

If you're a seasoned enthusiast, you'll find most of this is old news; however, if you're a passionate gamer building your first custom PC, this info might help you decide which motherboard best suits your needs and preferences.

Motherboards often come in the common ATX variety or the smaller ITX variety. ATX motherboards are more widely available and affordable, and their larger size suits more grounded and complicated PC setups. They also have twice as many or more RAM slots as ITX models, which are useful for any avid user who has plenty of software that will take up memory space. ATX motherboards also come in either the micro-ATX variety or the standard size; the micro- variety is more suited to smaller setups.

On the other hand, mini-ITX motherboards are designed for sleek and easily portable PCs that still boast plenty of power for any conceivable gaming. Even if they have less RAM, they still carry more than enough for any games available for purchase today; if you're not a gamer, ITX motherboards are just as useful for their compactness as well. If you're a frequent traveller or likely to move soon, having one of these in your setup will make transporting your PC far easier.

If you're looking for the finest quality custom itx pc case for your new motherboard, we have expertly cut open-air chassis for both ATX and ITX setups available for purchase. Check them out!

Unbeatable Warranty

How confident are we in what we're selling you? We're confident enough to proudly offer our 2+5 Warranty. In other words, we cover the parts and components you've bought for 2 full years, and we cover any workmanship costs for the next full 5 years. We strive to sell you only the best to make any early maintenance or replacement unnecessary, but things do happen sometimes; and if they do happen to go wrong, we've got you covered.

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We also supply molex crimper as well as custom sleeved cable extensions. Read Less

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