Keyboard Cables

Keyboard Cables

8 products

8 products

What are the main products that you can get modified in a PC? Keyboard Cables?

Technically speaking, the entire PC build can be modified. Everything. From the chips that control your graphics to the speed, your computer unzips files, right up to the keyboard cables that connect your hard drive to your keyboard. Everything is customisable.

If you are looking for strength, power and speed then you are probably looking at components like Ryzen processors or Radeon graphics cards. If you are looking for components to plug them all together you come to us. Read More

Best Quality Keyboard Cables & Accessories

Mass-produced products from a company operating overseas don't cut it if you're looking for the best quality keyboard cables. You need to be able to trust that the keyboard cables you buy will last the test of time. You need to buy from a company that's invested in providing the highest quality sleeved cables and computer accessories to the Australian, New Zealand and worldwide market. You need a company that you can call and ask questions – someone who will help you get everything you need to build your custom PC. For all of that, we've got you covered.

Custom Sleeved USB Cables from Skippy's Custom PCs

  • The custom sleeved USB cables you see on this page are handcrafted by our Skippy technicians.
  • All products are highly customisable with lots of colours available.
  • Options of USB A, USB C, mini USB, micro USB and USB B.
  • We use 22AWG wire on all our USB cables and with MDPC-X sleeving, you know you're getting the best product possible.
  • All cables are 100% tested before being shipped to ensure quality.
  • All keyboard cables are packaged carefully to avoid annoying folds and creases.
  • We offer a 2-year warranty on all keyboard cables.

Need a Reliable Keyboard Cable? Unparalleled Customer Service

We know the nuisances of custom building PCs and how valuable support is when going through the process. That's why we have put customer service at the core of everything we do. We not only offer advice on troubleshooting, we can offer support with all of your IT needs and you can consult with us on cable management. If you want to build a custom PC from scratch and are looking for someone to guide you through the process or even just to double-check some details through with – we can help.

If Skippy Custom PCs (leading PC cable sleeves supplier), sound like the right company for you, get in touch with us today.

We also supply braided cable sleeve as well as custom 8 pin eps extension cable. Read Less