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      Molex Crimpers, Cables, and Accessories Like Nothing Else in Australia and New Zealand

      Are you stressing over finding the perfect parts for your custom PC? Most of us do, and that's how we make sure each and every part in our setups is quality made. After all, we build to last when we build custom because, even though you're proud of the result, you're usually not eager to go through the whole process again anytime soon! So you're looking for reliable processors, a large or small enough motherboard, a sturdy or travel-friendly PC case, a powerful or quiet cooling fan, and colours that dazzle anyone fortunate enough to see your masterpiece.

      If that sounds about right, Skippy's Custom PCs (leading PC cable sleeves supplier), is just what you've been looking for. As the sole reseller of MDPC-X in Australia and New Zealand, we can happily promise that our cables are sleeved better than any others in the country. If you buy one from us, it will last for plenty of years, and it's going to look good the whole time, too. We've taken our role to provide good service to our customers to heart, and our customer service is also unlike anything else you'll find in the industry. Our warranty leads the field, your enquiries are treated seriously and responded to quickly, and any IT support or setup assistance you need is here for you, just a call or email away. Read More

      Leading Molex Crimper Supplier Online: Selling Responsibly and Helpfully

      There's a lot of technical savvy that goes into setting up a PC. A lot of our customers have it as second nature by now, but we want to cater to everyone, and that includes any new custom PC builders who might not have all the information yet. That's why, when you check out our Molex crimper and other crimping tools, we provide you with our helpful tutorial on how to use them safely and carefully. We explain how to use your Molex crimper to make your own cables as you see fit because we want to equip our customers with both our products and the maximum potential they can offer. Why bother selling a tool without also selling your customers its usage?

      A Warranty That Delivers

      Sometimes, things just go wrong. Computers are fickle like that. Some errant dust that isn't taken care of, a random power surge, or an unfortunate manufacturing error might mean your product doesn't last nearly as long as it should. If that happens with a different seller, you might find yourself despairing at having to quickly find a better replacement. Here comes all the research and price-searching again, right? Not with us.

      Skippy's Custom PCs has the best warranty in the industry, and while we don't expect it'll often be needed, it's there for you. Our 2+5 warranty covers you completely for parts for 2 years, and the following 5 cover any maintenance and workmanship necessary. As far as we're concerned, our good name comes from selling you something good as well as making sure it stays that way for as long as possible.

      Need a Reliable Molex Crimper? Start Shopping Today!

      Your future masterpiece of a custom PC will thank you for choosing us. For any enquiries, please call or email us at 0414648476 or

      We also supply white cable sleeve as well as custom braided cable sleeve. Read Less