14 Pin ATX Connector by MOLEX

14 Pin ATX Connector by MOLEX

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The 14-pin ATX connector by MOLEX is the holy grail of unmatched precision and zero tolerance production in the world of connectors. This is the highest grade in existence and a level clearly above the rest in this industry. MOLEX typically manufactures a dark blue shade as "black". The MDPC-X specific production is always black, which makes this offering a globally unique one. 

Manufactured in the USA and Italy at uncompromising material grades and precision levels, there is a clear difference to the compromising China manufacturers who need to compete on price. You will experience what happens when all specifications are exactly met in all components: Connectors by MOLEX, crimp terminals by MOLEX and the original Pin Remover by MOLEX.

These three components in combination show you how a perfect setup works in an ideal world. You will recognize how perfectly the terminals go into the connector, how easily the Pin Remover extracts the terminals (you will be so surprised!) and how perfectly the connectors go into their counterparts. This is what originals are all about! No compromise in a different league, which you immediately feel when you combine these original products. MOLEX is the company which creates the specifications of such products and is the only company who will not compromise in any aspect when manufacturing these.

You can use these 14-pin ATX connectors with existing crimp terminals already found on your wire. For absolute perfection you combine this connector with our original ATX crimp terminals FEMALE or of course the version for 15-16 AWG wire, ATX crimp terminals 15-16 AWG FEMALE.

Enjoy the original!