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4-pin Connector ATX

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This black 4-pin connector for ATX (and of course EPS, which is the same) is made for us in Taiwan by the second best manufacturer after MOLEX. The insertion and extraction of crimp terminals with these connectors is extremely easy and a league above almost every connector which you find on your existing power supply.

If you need a matching housing for this connector, you can also pick a 6-pin housing or bigger, because they are all compatible.

You can use these ATX 4-pin connectors with existing crimp terminals already found on your wire. For absolute perfection you combine this 4-pin connector with our original MOLEX ATX crimp terminals FEMALE or of course the version for 15-16 AWG wire, ATX crimp terminals 15-16 AWG FEMALE.

The extraction of crimp terminals is best achieved by using the original Pin Remover by MOLEX.

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