6 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable
6 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable - Skippy&
6 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable - Skippy&
6 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable - Skippy&

6 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable

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Quality Custom 6 Pin PCIe Connectors and Cables!

Undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding experiences one can have when either customising or building a PC from scratch is getting to see the high-end graphics it is capable of. Many who customise and build PCs will invest heavily in graphics cards and processors, and as a result, they will have beautiful graphics and a crisp display – until the PSU is overwhelmed.

Those who recognise the importance of power consumption in their builds, if they are looking for high processing power, will often opt for 6 pin PCIe connectors and cables. Lower end or midrange graphics components will usually use a 16 pin slot, but if you are asking more of your machine, and want the higher-end graphics and processing power for gaming or other power heavy activities, six-pin or eight-pin expressed power connectors are the business! Read More

Get Our Exceptional Quality 6 Pin Connector Cable

Here at Skippy's (leading PC cable sleeves supplier), we believe that those who are serious about modding, customising or building their PC should have access to the best quality power cables on the market. All too often, builders and modders will spend more on their graphics cards and processors and end up buying cheap and unreliable power cables that degrade not long after they are installed. In response, we've gone out and acquired the very best power cables on the markets and are the sole providers and suppliers in Australia. That means that when you buy a power cable from us, you know it is guaranteed to keep your PC running at its best.

These days, 6 pin connector cables are standard on many midrange graphics cards. 6 pin connector cables can draw up to 75 W of power straight from the power supply and can be modified to bypass the motherboard completely. However, many find that those that come with the cards or built into the computer are not built to last. That's where our customised sleeved cables come in.

We don't just look for any bog-standard power cables to sell onto you – we put together a bespoke product that will complement your build perfectly. The core features of our power cables include:

  • Molex branded connectors
  • MDPC-X sleeving (exclusive to Skippy's!)
  • 15 AWG wire as featured on all our cables.

Naturally, we don't just build the 6 pin PCIe connector power cables and send them off – we want to know they work. Every single one of our power cables is tested rigorously before they are packed up carefully and sent onto you. That means that we can feel confident enough to offer you an industry-leading two-year warranty on components and an unprecedented five-year warranty on workmanship!

But we don't believe in just one size fits all. There is a huge range of customisable options for you to choose from, including:

  • Lengths between 100 – 1000 mm
  • 60 different colours for each cable meaning hundreds of different colour combinations
  • Between 1-9 combs, all with different colours.

As you choose your power cables, we will ask you a number of questions, including your PSU model and wattage and whether you need a full modular replacement or an extension. We'll also ask you for any comments or requests you might have so that we can make sure your power cable is utterly unique to your machine.

Best 6 Pin PCIe Connector Cables: Customise and Order Today!

We are always ready to lend a hand, so if all of these customisable options are a bit overwhelming, simply use our online chat function or send us a message. Otherwise, order today either through our standard delivery or express delivery and your power cables will be with you shortly!

We also supply EPS cables as well as custom custom ITX PC cases. Read Less

Take your PC build to the next level with custom made 4 pin EPS full replacement cables. We use 15AWG wire on all our power cables and MDPC-X sleeving combined with Molex branded connectors means your getting the best product possible. No compromises. All Cables are 100% tested prior to shipping and packed with care so there are no folds or creases in the cable when shipping. We also offer an industry leading 2 years warranty on components and 5 years on workmanship. 

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