8 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable
8 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable - Skippy&
8 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable - Skippy&
8 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable - Skippy&

8 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cable

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Need an 8 Pin PCIe Power Cable for Your PC Build??

Customising, adapting, or building a PC from scratch is an exciting project, whether you're doing it for games, work, or just as a PC enthusiast. But in every case, you must consider power consumption as well as your processor and your graphics card. Failure to adapt your power components to your PC requirements, and it will soon overload and result in poor performance overall.

Those who have grasped this fundamental concept often end up going for 8 pin PCIe cables and connectors. Unlike their lower to mid-range counterparts, this particular style of cable is known to deliver high power performance for demanding machines. It's little surprise that there is a lucrative market for these components – meaning that without a little caution or understanding, you might end up paying high amounts for poor quality. Read More

Leading 8 Pin PCIe Sleeved Cables: Perfect for High-End Graphics

At Skippy's Custom PCs (leading PC cable sleeves supplier), we know how hard it is to get decent, reliable power cables and other customisable components for your PC build. There are, unfortunately, many poorly made components out there, which, while cheap, will degrade rapidly as soon as they are in use. We've addressed this problem by acquiring some of the highest quality power cables on the market, all built and designed with professional PC builders in mind, and guaranteed to offer you the best power performance that money can buy.

Of all power cables, 8 pin PCIe sleeved cables are perhaps the most highly prized for those looking for high-end graphics and in possession of good quality graphics cards. We can deliver up to 150 watts, which is usually more than enough for most high-end graphics cards. We also supply 6 pin connector cables as well depending on your graphics card. As with all of our power cables, we have gone out of our way to feature the very best engineering. They feature:

  • 15 AWG wire
  • Exclusive MDPC-X sleeving
  • Molex brand connectors.

Along with these globally recognised brands as standard, we've built our business around the ability to customise. That's why you'll find a frankly ridiculous amount of different options for you to choose from when selecting your power cable. These are:

  • Between 100 and 1000mm in length – any size you need!
  • 60 different colours and a ridiculous amount of different colour combinations for your cables
  • Between 1 and 9 combs to be used
  • 3 different comb colours.

All our 8 pin PCIe cables are tested before we send them out, so we know that there will be no fault of creases, no difficulties when it comes to installation. So confident are we of the quality of our products that all 8 pin PCIe sleeved cables come with a two-year warranty for components and a stunning five years on our workmanship. You'll find no better warranty anywhere else.

Best 8 Pin PCIe Connector Cables: Customise and Order Now!

We built a reputation for being highly adaptable and accommodating. When you put your order through, we want to know exactly what it is you are after. We'll be asking a few key questions, which include:

  • Your PSU model and wattage
  • Whether you need a full modular replacement or an extension power cable
  • Quantity needed
  • Colours, combs, and lengths
  • Any comments you might have or specific requests.

Once you've placed your order, you can choose between standard and express processing – in either case, we will work hard to get your order through to you in a very quick time! Order today to optimise your build!

We also supply EPS cables as well as custom ITX PC cases. Read Less

Take your PC build to the next level with custom made 8 pin PCIe full replacement cables. We use 15AWG wire on all our power cables and MDPC-X sleeving combined with Molex branded connectors means your getting the best product possible. No compromises. All Cables are 100% tested prior to shipping and packed with care so there are no folds or creases in the cable when shipping. We also offer an industry leading 2 years warranty on components and 5 years on workmanship. 

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