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FAT4 "MOLEX" Connector

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FAT4 "Molex" connector with 8 crimp terminals.

People often call this connector "Molex" connector, which is wrong. A long time ago, the MOLEX company created the specification for this connector type, as they did to a thousand other connector types. The MOLEX company has stopped manufacturing this part a long time ago, as it officially became end of life. Somehow this connector type never died though and other companies had to continue making it. You can use them with different wire sizes (18 AWG, 0.75 mm², 17 AWG 1.00 mm² - and our very special 15 AWG 1.50 mm²).

This 5 1/4" device power connector (that's what it was called officially) comes with 8 crimp terminals, twice as much as you need.

  • The tool for de-pinning the "Molex" FAT4 connectors is our SMW "Molex" Pin Remover. 
  • To crimp the crimp terminals onto your wires, we highly recommend our MDPC CTX3 Crimping Tool. It will create absolutely perfect crimps.

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