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Sleeving per meter- Area-51 MED

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Area-51 cable sleeves MEDIUM for diameters from 5.0 mm to 14.5 mm.
The offered lengths of Area-51 cable sleeves MEDIUM are based on meters (m). 1 m is ~3.3 feet, 10 m is ~33 feet, etc.

When you think it's a neon yellow, hold something yellow next to it. When you think it's a neon green, hold something green next to it. This is the extra-terrestrial colour of MDPC-X, codename Area-51.

Area-51 is made to be a cable sleeving colour, which is out of this world. Fluorescent as extreme as technically possible, this neon colour illuminates the near environment under slightest daylight influence. Area-51 casts a subtle glow onto near subjects. Under pure UV-black light you will be sure that this one is from outer space. 

The base material of Area-51 cable sleeves is slightly translucent to achieve these alien effects with a gel like surface. You can push this undefinable colour (Neon-Yellow? Neon-Green?) towards one of both spectrums. Put white (see the photos of the SMALL sized cable sleeves) underneath Area-51 and you have neon-yellow. Put black underneath Area-51 and you have neon-green. This is experimental, this is MDPC-X Area-51 cable sleeving.

Area-51 is a special demonstration of our class leading German colour creation and base material technology. We also added our famous UV stabilizers, so there is no material or colour degradation over time, no matter where you use our product. 100% Made in Germany, 100% no compromise, a class of its own.

For MEDIUM cable sleeves we recommend to use MEDIUM heat shrink to hold the ends of the cable sleeves in position. You can do this traditionally or by using the "heat shrink-less" melting technique.

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