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Sleeving per meter- Italian Red SML

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Italian-Red cable sleeving SMALL for diameters from 1.7 mm to 7.8 mm.
The offered lengths of Italian-Red cable sleeving SMALL are based on meters (m). 1 m is ~3.3 feet, 10 m is ~33 feet, etc.

This is THE red of Italian super sports cars and motorcycles. Intense, pure and sexy as hell - a red cable sleeving as it can't be done any better. As a follow up of our classic standard Red cable sleeving, Italian-Red exceeds the previous red in every aspect: Total opacity, total purity, total intensity. You can combine Italian-Red with Black, all grey shades, white shades, yellow, blue and of course all red and orange shades in our MDPC-X colour spectrum. With Italian-Red you are guaranteed to get the most beautiful medium red shade in existence. You will love it more than anything you ever encountered in the world of red cable sleevings.

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