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Sleeving per meter- Lambo-Greeny MED

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Lambo-Greeny cable sleeves MEDIUM for diameters from 5.0 mm to 14.5 mm.
The offered lengths of Lambo-Greeny cable sleeves MEDIUM are based on meters (m). 1 m is ~3.3 feet, 10 m is ~33 feet, etc.

Lambo-Greeny is the extremely intense light green in our cable sleeves spectrum. This light neon green is highly fluorescent under UV-A black light and extra intense whenever exposed to natural daylight. The green shade is found on the more extreme Italian hyper cars and has a long tradition going back to the Miura. The neon light green shade is often used in modern mountain bike design. Lambo-Greeny cable sleeves can be combined with all colours in our sleeving range and works naturally well with blue shades and in high contrast situations with Black and Grey shades.

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