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Sleeving per meter- Mellow-Yellow MED

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Mellow-Yellow cable sleeves MEDIUM for diameters from 5.0 mm to 14.5 mm.
The offered lengths of Mellow-Yellow cable sleeves MEDIUM are based on meters (m). 1 m is ~3.3 feet, 10 m is ~33 feet, etc.

Mellow-Yellow cable sleeves by MDPC-X showcase the most beautiful warm yellow shade of the whole yellow spectrum. “Mellow” stands for a colour which is smooth, rich, pleasant and free from harshness – and that is exactly what Mellow-Yellow describes best. Enjoy the special beauty of our Mellow-Yellow cable sleeves colour and let it bring your designs to the next level. Of course MDPC Mellow-Yellow cable sleeves are also highly fluorescent!

Mellow-Yellow is another example to underline that MDPC-Colour is a class of its own in the cable sleeves industry. Mellow-Yellow is highly fluorescent at UV Black light, has the maximum opacity to reduce colour bleeding to the absolute minimum, shows no colour degradation over time at outdoor and of course indoor use. MDPC base material and colour is always lead-free!

For MEDIUM cable sleeves we recommend to use MEDIUM heat shrink to hold the ends of the cable sleeves in position. You can do this traditionally or by using the "heat shrink-less" melting technique.

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