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Sleeving per meter- Weed-Dreams SML

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Limited edition: This is the very special Weed-Dreams edition, a sweet combination of Gold mixed with Lambo-Greeny. Enjoy your custom cables and tubing's design with this excellent MDPC-X mixture!

Weed-Dreams cable sleeving SMALL for diameters from 1.7 mm to 7.8 mm.
The offered lengths of Weed-Dreams cable sleeving SMALL are based on meters (m). 1 m is ~3.3 feet, 10 m is ~33 feet, etc.
If you need 100 meter (330 ft) units of Weed-Dreams SMALL, please use the separate offering in the 100 meter category.

We recommend to use SMALL heat shrink to hold the cable sleeving in place, either traditionally or by using the "heat shrink-less" melting technique. A regular heat shrink guide and a "shrink less" guide is found inside the description of the main heat shrink category

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